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How to Care for Dry Wear

“My drytop has gotten really dirty. How should I clean it?”

We’re glad you asked – improper cleaning can damage drywear. What makes the fabric “dry” is a waterproof membrane or coating. If you cause a tear or separation in that membrane or coating, the piece will leak.

First, always hand wash these garments. A washing machine, even on gentle cycle, can twist and damage your waterproofing. For best results, use a cleaner like ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Clean that is specially formulated for cleaning these technical fabrics. Take a look at the Drysuit and Drytop Cleaning and Storage page for more information on taking care of these important boating accessories. Also, check out the FAQ section on DWR for info on protecting and renewing the Durable Water Repellent treatment on your drywear.

Finally, prolong the life of your latex gaskets by regularly coating them with 303 Protectant. It screens out harmful UV radiation and keeps the latex soft and pliable.