Women's Whiz Freedom Funnel


Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel

Feminine Funnels, Urine Guide, Shenis… whatever you chose to call it, it serves a wonderful purpose.  The Whiz Freedom allows women the luxury of not having to drop drawers, or completely disrobe, when you gotta go pee.  Outdoorsy women especially will appreciate this product. 

NRS brought in the Whiz after a long search for a funnel that would work with the NRS Women’s Inversion Kayak Drysuit.  The criteria required it to be smallish, flexible/comfortable and reusable.  The Whiz Freedom fit the bill!  At 6” long and completely bendable, this little gem fits in the sleeve pocket of the women’s drysuit.  This particular drysuit has a low front relief zipper which, when paired with the Whiz, makes kayaking so much more enjoyable. No longer does the whole drysuit have to come off mid-trip.

On a boating trip with mixed genders, privacy is valuable.  It is so handy to find a little cover and turn your back, rather than walking as far away as possible to ensure that your trip-mates don’t see a moon that doesn’t accompany stars in the sky.  The Whiz is easy to use, and once you are done just flick off any remaining liquid, and it’s dry. 

You’ll find you take your Whiz with you everywhere you go. Boating, camping, hiking, skiing, travelling…any time you’re away from home. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Ever pulled off the highway to use a pit toilet or bad filling station restroom?  Everyone can recall the sight and smell – usually enough to make you wish you had a bottle of hand sanitizer handy.  With the Whiz, there is no need to waste toilet paper making your own seat protector, no need to squat and hover.  And when you make it home from your road trip, you can clean it in the sink or the washing machine.
The men of the world have had it so good; it’s about time that women have the same convenience when it comes to relieving ourselves! 

The Ladies at NRS