Frequently Asked Questions

Apparel Comfort Range

  • What is the temperature comfort range for this particular wetsuit, glove, footwear, etc?

    This is a common question…and it’s difficult to give you a definite answer. For example, you can be comfortable in a specific garment, while your partner wearing the same piece may be freezing or boiling.

    As is always the case with outerwear, environmental factors will definitely affect your comfort level. Water draws heat away from your body over 20-times faster than air. A swim or continuous splashing speeds up discomfort. Evaporation of water from the outer layer of a garment also draws heat away quickly.

    The best policy is to go prepared. Bring various layers and choices of apparel to match changing environmental conditions and comfort levels. For example, a warmer pair of backup gloves, some wetsocks that you can slip inside your booties and a cap or helmet liner. Check out Layering for Cold Water Boating for more info on the subject.

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