Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I pump up my boat?
    The quickest way is to first use a 12-volt electric pump (that hooks to your car battery), then top off your boat with a hand pump. Electric pumps will not fill up your boat to the proper psi. DO NOT use a tire pump or compressor!

  • What is the best 12-volt pump you carry?
    We recommend (and use ourselves) the NRS Blast Inflator because of its compact size, speed and durability.

  • What pump do you recommend to top off my boat?
    For IK's or rafts 13' or smaller the Bravo 6 is a good compact dual action pump, to top off a larger raft or cataraft we recommend the K 200 or larger.

  • What psi do you recommend I pump my boat up to?
    We recommend filling a self bailing floor to 2.5 psi (you will know it is full when the floor pressure release valve releases air).  For the tubes we recommend filling to 2.5 - 3 psi.  At 3 psi the tubes will feel very firm but you will still be able to make a slight indentation in the tube with firm pressure from your thumb.  If you want a more accurate method of measuring the PSI, we offer the K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge. Don't forget that tubes will expand in the sun, so when you pull out for lunch or transport your craft on a trailer, deflate the tubes a bit to avoid seam damage.

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