Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I get general repair information?
    See our Repair Page for general repair information

  • What do I need to repair a small hole in my hypalon® boat?
    Please refer to our Hypalon® Boat Repair Instructions for directions and necessary materials

  • Can I send my inflatable boat to you for repair work?

    We don’t do boat repair here at NRS. We do have excellent do-it-yourself instructions in our Inflatable Boat Repair section and several of our associates have extensive repair experience. If you have a warranty issue with an NRS boat, please contact us at 877.677.4327. We also list a number of reputable boat repair facilities in our Authorized Repair Stations section.

    For dry wear latex gasket replacement and pump repair, see the NRS Repair Dept. We recommend Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, in Seattle, WA, for apparel repair and retrofitting.

  • What glue should I use to repair my boat?
    The glue you use depends on what type of material was used to make your boat.  Please refer to our Boat Materials Chart to find what your boat is made of and what glue you should use. After you determine what glue to use, look at our Repair Page for instructions.

  • How do I replace a drysuit gasket?
    Please refer to our Gasket Replacement Instructions

If you have questions to add to our FAQ page or any questions regarding NRS please contact us at

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