Frequently Asked Questions

Tie Down Straps

  • How do loop straps work?
    These straps are best used to secure a kayak or canoe to a car rack, or to secure the lid on a cooler. You receive two pieces. The first is a short 1’ section with a buckle on one end and a loop on the other. The second piece is longer (depending on what size strap is ordered) with a loop on one end and a tongue on the other. The loop ends can be secured around a frame or car rack. The buckle and tongue can then meet up to secure your load down.

  • How many straps do I need to secure my frame to my boat?
    See our Strap Guide for minimum strap requirements.

  • When would I need to use the 1.5'' width strap?
    1'' straps will work for most applications; 1.5'' straps are best for strapping one or more boats to a trailer, the greater width causes less dig into the boats.

  • See our NRS Straps page for more information.

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