Frequently Asked Questions


  • What water shoes are best for fitting into my low volume whitewater kayak?
    We have several shoes with low profile flexible soles that enable you to get your shoes into your whitewater kayak. The Attack and Desperado Shoe are built with neoprene and are great if you need a warmer kayaking shoe. We also have the Desperado Sock also made from neoprene, which has a thin vulcanized rubber sole which allows for maximum flexibility for those really tight spaces.

  • What wetshoe would you recommend to provide enough support for portaging?
    The NRS Workboot has the best support in and out of water.

  • What bootie would you recommend to fit in my river-running kayak or sea kayak?
    NRS made the Paddle Shoe for this exact application.  The extra ankle padding makes for all-day paddling comfort. Also the midsole shim gives the support needed for portaging and maneuvering across gravel and rock beds. The Desperado Shoe and the Attack Shoe are a good choice when you're limited on space.

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