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Items mentioned in this article:

Frame Instructions: Cataraft Frame Aluminum Floor

NRS Cataraft Frame Aluminum Floor Components:

  • (1) Hinged Aluminum Floor
  • (4) Oversized U-bolts
  • (8) Washers and locking nuts
NRS Cataraft Frame Aluminum Floor


  1. Floors for 72" frames fold in the middle for ease of shipping. Lay the floor out flat with the diamond plate side facing up.

  2. Position floor between lower side rails in desired location.

  3. Once everything is lined up, install the U-bolts in the plates at each corner of the floor. Install nuts and washers and tighten securely.

  4. Check to be sure that all of the U-bolts are tight. Periodically check the tightness of all nuts and bolts.

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