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Frame Instructions: Frame Passenger/Angler Seat Mount

NRS Frame Passenger/Angler Seat Mount Components

  • (1) Seat Passenger Seat Plate
  • (2) U-bolts
  • (4) Washer and Locking Nuts.
NRS Frame Passenger Seat Mount


  1. Set the plate channel side down over any cross bar or side rail.

  2. Slip the U-bolts over the tube and up though the holes in the plate on each side of the channel.

  3. Add the washers and lock nuts on to the top of the U-bolts. Tighten the self-locking nuts equally so that the same amount of the U-bolt is visible above the top of each nut. Make sure these are tightened securely.

  4. Bolt the seat in place. Tighten the seat bolts securely.

  5. Periodically check the tightness of all nuts and bolts. The U-bolts can be tightened without removing the seat by using a ½" or 13mm open-end wrench. The wrench will fit between the base of the padded seat and plate which are separated by the nylon spacer disks.

  6. The Passenger Seat Mount (Item # 94019.01) comes with four plastic spacers. It also comes with two sets of seat bolts. You'll use the shorter ones if your seat has a metal backing shell and the longer ones if the shell is plastic.

*Printable Passenger/Angler Seat Mount Directions

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