Frame Instructions: Skidguard Frame

Skidguard Frame Components:

  • (2) Side Rails
  • (2) Skidguard Seats
  • (4) Channels
  • (8) Seat Bolts
  • (2) U-bolts
  • (4) Washers and Locking Nuts
  • (1) Frame Wrench
  • (1) Pair of Oar Mounts
NRS Skidguard Raft Frame - Closeout


  1. Lay out the frame parts as shown in the image above.

  2. Place the Skidguard seats textured side up. Add the channels with the flat side against the seat.

  3. Place the side rails in the channels with the small holes in the side rails facing up.

    Note: There are two different size holes in the rails. This aids in lining up the bolts to the threaded insert in the seat.

  4. Add the oar mounts, with the U-bolts, and tighten all of the frame's bolts.

  5. When you are storing your frame for long periods of time, we recommend you give the raw wood edges a light coat of waterproofing (i.e. Thompson's WaterSeal®) to keep the wood from weather checking.

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