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NRS SUP Boards

Easy to transport, easy to store, impossible not to love. Six models to choose from.

Big Kahuna

Store your life jacket around the waist and out of the way until you need it.

PTS Stand Up Paddle

For a tough, economical SUP paddle, look no further than the PTS.


Wrap your bars, protect your boats.

Kayak/SUP Hanger

A convenient way to store SUPs, kayaks and paddles off the floor.

8' SUP Leash

Comfortable calf leash for surfing and flatwater SUP.

WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail

Clip this sail to your board and let the wind do the work.

Shock Sock

Can't be beat for board feel and stability in a toasty-warm booty.

Radiant 3/2

The perfect balance of warmth and mobility.