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Zoya PFD

Sculpted foam panels fit women’s curves, and the mesh lower back works great with high-back seats.

Endurance Jacket

Blocks wind, splash and rain for a more enjoyable paddle.

ENO Hammocks

Portable, fun comfort for one or two.

Smith Sunglasses

Style plus performance equals perfect.

Tula Hats

Ideal for boating, hiking, gardening or the patio. UPF 50+

3.0 Ultra Jane Wetsuit

Our best-selling wetsuit features a cozy Vaporloft™ fleece lining and a convenient relief zipper.

Edge Splash Pants

Comfort, style and waterproof performance.

Aquapac Micro Whanganui Case

Guaranteed waterproof protection for her phone.

Gift Cards

Always fits, always the right color. You can't go wrong with an NRS Gift Card.