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Sea Tour Jacket

Comfortable, convenient protection that's a cinch to stow.

Taj M'Haul Deck Bag

Keeps the simple pleasures simple by keeping your stuff handy and organized.

Mapcessory Cases

Keep charts, wallets, guidebooks and other important items dry and accessible.

cVest PFD

The offshore kayaker's favorite. Lots of pockets, plus a mesh lower back for high-back seat comfort.

Grommetted HydroLock™ Bag

Built for easy stowing, easy tie-down and totally waterproof peace-of-mind.

Super Stretch Cockpit Cover

Seal your boat for storage or travel. Two convenient sizes fit nearly any kayak.

Two-Piece Paddle Bag

Protect those valuable paddles during transport with this padded, fleece-lined bag.

HydroLock™ Kayak Stow Float

Keeps your boat afloat and your stuff dry for safety and convenience.

Crew Gloves

Extra grip, blister protection and just the right amount of warmth.

Deluxe Touring Safety Kit

All the safety essentials packaged in our mesh deck bag. Don't leave shore without it.