NRS Thwart Guide

NRS Boat Thwarts
 Item #
Boat Model(s)
10751 E-125 SB
10761 E-136 SB, E-145 SB
10811 E-132D SB
10851 Otter 140 SB, Otter 150 SB, OL 140, E-141 SB, E-140 SB, E-150 SB, E-161 SB, E-163D SB
10921 E-176D SB
10951 E-160 SB
10981 E-180 SB
110521 R-120
110531 R-130
110541 R-140, R-150
110601 Osprey High 5
110611 Osprey 120, Osprey 135
11261 Otter 120 SB
11361 Otter 130
11411 Otter 142 SB, E-142 SB
11531 Otter Livery 96 & 106
11551 Otter Livery 120
11561 Otter Livery 130


Aire Boat Thwarts
 Item #
Boat Model(s)
11581 Super Puma
11591 Super Duper Puma

Batten Attachments

New thwarts have the Fixed Batten System included. The thwart side of the batten system is glued to the thwart already. Older thwarts may have a lace in style thwarts or they a glued directly to the boat. These will need to be updated to newer style battens.

See Hypalon® Repair Instructions for gluing information.

NRS Fixed BAT System NRS Fixed Batten System
NRS Adjustable Batten System NRS Adjustable Batten System
NRS Thwart Batten with Tie NRS Thwart Batten with Tie