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Boating Safety for 'Man's Best Friend'

Tips on safely boating with your dog.


Cold Shock: 5 Golden Rules for Boating in Cold Water

Cold shock is the leading cause of death in paddlesports. Prevent it with 5 Golden Rules for Boating in Cold Water.


Cold Water Protection and Hypothermia

Walbridge on the dangers of hypothermia and how to protect yourself.


Cold-Water Layering

Layers allow you to add and remove pieces to match changing conditions, and help your body maintain a safe, comfortable temperature. These layers fall generally into three categories: base layers, insulating layers and outer layers.

How To Choose, Safety

Drysuits Don't Make You Bulletproof

Your drysuit is only one piece of your boating safety system.


Fabrics That Protect You From the Sun

Fabrics that provide effective protection from our sun's harmful rays.


Helmet Know How

Can I wear my bike helmet when boating?


How to Extend Your Boating Season

Moving from summer boating to cold-weather adventures requires new knowledge and preparation. This article lays out the steps to take to extend your boating season.

How To Choose, Safety

How to Prevent Heat Loss

Four heat loss mechanisms and how to protect yourself.

Skills & Tips, Safety

Is Your Life Jacket Safe?

Testing required by the Coast Guard for PFD approval.


We've Come a Long, Long Way, Baby

There wasn't always such a great selection of life jackets to choose from.


When the PFD Fits... Wear It!

Many tragedies can be prevented by wearing a correctly sized life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD). We'll show you how to size and fit a life jacket.


When the PFD Fits... Wear it! Part II: Kids

NRS shows you how to find the right PFD or life jacket for your child or youth and how to teach your child to wear, adjust and utilize their new PFD.