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How to Stretch a Latex Neck Gasket

Stretching a drytop or drysuit neck gasket that's too tight.

Skills & Tips

How to Stay Warmer with Proper Paddling Headwear

Preventing heat loss from your head while boating.

Skills & Tips

How to Remove a Knife from a PFD Lash Tab

Tips for safely removing a knife sheath from a life jacket (PFD) lash tab.

Skills & Tips

How to Put On and Take Off Your Drysuit

Video tips for putting on, taking off and maintaining your drysuit.

Skills & Tips

How to Prevent Heat Loss

Four heat loss mechanisms and how to protect yourself.

Skills & Tips, Safety

How to Fit a Life Jacket

In this video we show you how to fit a life jacket and tighten the straps to ensure it won't ride up when youre in the water.

Skills & Tips

Gasket Sizing

Gasket Sizing Chart to Determine Which Size Gaskets Will be the Best Fit.

How To Choose, Maintenance & Repair, Skills & Tips