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Whitewater Kayaking > Maintenance & Repair

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Gear Storage Ideas

Putting your boating gear away until next weekend, or next year, there are steps you should take to protect your investment.

Maintenance & Repair

H2 Glue Instructions

Materials and instructions for working with H2 Glue, and adhesive for outfitting your kayak with minicell or ethafoam foams and paddings.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Repair an Oar or Paddle Blade

Repairing a broken oar blade with G/flex Epoxy.

Maintenance & Repair

Instructions: NRS Shore Adhesive

Shore Adhesive is a great one-part adhesive for Pennel Orca®, Hypalon and other synthetic rubber-coated materials.

Maintenance & Repair

Instructions: Stabond Adhesive

Learn to patch tears or holes in your PVC rafts or catarafts. hypalon repair, punctured raft repair, and neoprene gasket repair.

Maintenance & Repair

Quick Guide: G/flex Epoxy Adhesive

Guide to uses of this great repair adhesive.

Maintenance & Repair

Quick Guide: Temporary Field Boat Repairs

Temporary repairs that can get you home.

Maintenance & Repair

Screw-Mounted Tie-Down Kit Instructions

Screw-mounted Tie-Down Kit for canoes and sea kayaks. A great way to add deck rigging to your sea kayak.

Maintenance & Repair

Summit Valve Identification

Identify the Difference between a Summit 1 and a Summit 2 Valve.

Maintenance & Repair

West System G/flex Epoxy Adhesive

G/flex Epoxy is a toughened, resilient two-part epoxy that gives a superior waterproof bond to plastics, metals, fiberglass, masonry, glass and wet and difficult-to-bond woods.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Install an NRS Kayak Back Band

Installing a back band in your kayak is easy. In this video, the experts at NRS give you step by step instructions for removing your old seat back or back band and installing your new back band.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Install D-Rings and Footcups

NRS Repairs shows you the best ways to install D-rings and footcups and permanently glue them to Hypalon-, PVC- and urethane-coated materials

Maintenance & Repair, Skills & Tips

How to Install Kayak Footbraces

This video provides easy step-by-step instructions for installing Werner Kayak Footbraces.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Repair Leafield C7 Valve

Replacing the plunger, spring and rubber seal is a snap on the Leafield C7 Valve

Maintenance & Repair

Inflatable Repair Adhesives Guide

In this video, Josh from NRS Repairs shares an inflatable repair adhesives guide to help you understand when to use such glues as Clifton Hypalon, Shore, Stabond, Clifton Urethane, Vynabond and G/flex Epoxy

Maintenance & Repair

Kayaking Fundamentals: Basic Kayak Maintenance

As part of our Kayaking Fundamentals series, instructor Ken Whiting gives some good tips on taking care of your boat. Plastic kayaks are a good choice for low-maintenance paddling, but they too require a little TLC.

Maintenance & Repair