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  • NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit
  • NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit (alternate image)
  • NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit (alternate image)

NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit

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The professional standard. The NRS Youth Farmer Bill will keep the little ones warm and comfortable on those chilly days in cold water.
  • These attractive suits are constructed of 3 mm nylon-coated neoprene for comfort and warmth.
  • The closed cell neoprene supplements the flotation of the child's PFD, floating them higher in the water.
  • Our unique design eliminates many stress points for added longevity.
  • ToughTex™ seat and knees with special double-thread stitching for even better wear and protection.
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners have been coupled with snaps at the shoulder to ensure easy entry and a secure closure.
  • NRS Shoulder Extensions are available to add extra length for growing kids.
  • Color coded by size for easy identification in commercial programs.
Color-coded side panels:
  • Size Y-XS: Black/Green
  • Size Y-S: Black/Purple
  • Size Y-M: Black/Red
  • Size Y-L: Black/Gray
  • Size Y-XL: Black/Royal Blue
Neoprene: 3 mm neoprene
Seams: Mauser stitched and taped
Entry Style: Shoulder snaps with hook-and-loop closure
Titanium Adhesive: Yes
Relief Zipper: No
Wrist Zippers: No
Ankle Zippers: Yes
Gender Sizing: Youth
  • ToughTex™ armored seat and knees
  • Color-coded neoprene panels for easy size ID
Size Height Weight (lbs)
3T 3'2"-3'4" 33-36
4T 3'5"-3'7" 37-40
Y-XS 3'11"-4'1" 55-65
Y-S 4'0"-4'2" 60-70
Y-M 4'3"-4'4" 65-75
Y-L 4'4"-4'7" 70-80
Y-XL 4'6"-4'8" 75-85
Y-XXL 4'7"-4'9" 80-90

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2 Questions | 12 Answers
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  • NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit


    I have 7 year olds who are on swim team and freeze in the water during the winter time. Would these wetsuits be flexible enough not to impede their stroke movement?
    Asked on 2/26/2015 by Pat

    4 answers



      A wetsuit would definitely help with temperature, though this one can be a little gappy for skinny kids, which means less temperature control and more drag. As for restriction of movement, it will definitely restrict that some, maybe a lot.
      It might be useful for strength-building due to resistance, and I suspect that it would chafe quite a bit. We have our kids wear rashguards (polypropylene shirts and shorts) underneath their wetsuits when we go kayaking to prevent them from chafing while rowing.
      Candidly, I would think that competition swimmers would generally avoid using wetsuits due to impeding movement. But what do I know, I'm not a competition swimmer. They or their coaches are probably better people to ask.
      Dr. Jeff Van Kirk
      General Dentist
      Stayton, Oregon

      Answered on 2/27/2015 by Anonymous


      That's a tough question. This is a great wetsuit but for swim team I might go with a shorty. The buoyancy in the legs would throw off a stroke. It's a great suit for my youngdaughter that runs a little warmer than most kids. We mostly play in the lagoon on the pacific coast.
      Sent from my iPhone

      Answered on 2/26/2015 by Anonymous


      Yes, I think this would be a perfect solution, thanks,
      Tony Greene
      Aspen Residential Property Management

      Answered on 2/26/2015 by Tony from Aspen, CO


      It would be as good of a product as I can imagine for that situation. It's probably a good idea to rinse any chlorine out as much as possible after use.

      Answered on 2/26/2015 by Anonymous
  • NRS Youth Farmer Bill Wetsuit


    does the kids farmer bill wetsuit fit skin tight all around the body?
    Asked on 4/4/2013 by Baracuda

    8 answers

    • A:

      If you size it right, it fits skin tight, our 5 and 6 yo used his to swim and play in shore break surf in Chile and Kodiak, Alaska, both cold water venues, and had a blast. he has outgrown his first suit and now it's time to replace it with another one, next size up ...

      Answered on 12/31/2014 by tomp from Kodiak, Alaska


      I'm not an expert on wetsuits - but have been very pleased with the kid's Farmer Bill wetsuit we ordered for our daughter. Yes, it is a snug fit all around.

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Anonymous
    • Staff Reviewer


      Wetsuits work most efficiently for thermal protection when they fit snugly to the body. This minimizes water entry and water exchange, which robs body heat. How snugly the Youth Farmer Bill fits any particular kid depends on body shape.

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Clyde from NRS


      Yes it does

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Pat from Arkansas


      Fits snugly, but is not restrictive. You don't want these things too loose or too tight, but properly sized if fits my son well.

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Anonymous


      Depends on the kid. It fits quite nicely on my average-size 10 year-old, but relatively loose on my skinny 8-year old. The great thing is that NRS let me exchange sizes at no extra cost to me, or I could have returned it with free shipping for a refund if I wanted to. It also depends what you want to use it for? For short periods of time it works great, but for hours at a time (like whitewater canoeing) I wish I had paid another $100 or so per kid for a drysuit (complaining kids can ruin a family trip). But kids also grow.

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Anonymous


      Yes it has been true to size and fits well. I use it in my inflatable kayak
      and have been happy with it
      Tony Greene

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Tony from Aspen, CO


      This was not the exact suit we purchased. We purchased the 3T, and then the 5T shorty wetsuit with sleeves. We found that these fit loosely in the torso, waist and legs, but snugly in the arms. It's notable that our daughter is a 'skinny minnie'. We have purchased this type suit in the adult version, both women and mens. These do fit snuggly. In hind sight, we wish we had gotten the pants only though, the life jacket plus the suit were too warm in combination for our California climate.

      Answered on 4/4/2013 by Anonymous
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