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Groover Tamer Odor Eliminator


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Groover Tamer™ doesn't just cover up odors from your portable toilet - it eliminates them! Tested and perfected in the Grand Canyon - this stuff really works. If you haven't heard the term before, "groover" is a slang term used by many river runners for the portable toilet used to carry out solid human waste.
  • Groover Tamer contains billions of enzyme producing bacteria and a compound that absorbs hydrogen sulfide (the major odor compound).
  • It treats the source of odors in solid waste. It doesn't just cover them up with scent like many products do.
  • It's a two-part system - a 1-oz. container of powder and a 4-oz. pump spray bottle.
  • You put half the powder and a quart of water in the toilet before the first use. Sprinkle a bit more of the powder in the toilet before closing it each day.
  • The Groover Tamer Spray contains enzymes that also work to break down odors. It can be applied after each use if necessary.
  • The system will control odors in 40 pounds or 65 user-days worth of waste.

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  • 1-oz. container of powder
  • 4-oz. pump spray bottle
  • Optional-use bumper sticker
  • Controls odors in 40 pounds or 65 user-days worth of waste