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EP Double Feature DVDs

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Join the EP Team as they search for the Epicocity, that which gives meaning to life. This EP double feature contains 90 minutes of the best kayaking in the world, spanning the globe from North America to Africa.
  • The Epicocity is the most epic something could ever be... the biggest wave, gnarliest drop, the most beautiful river.
  • NRS sponsors "Bigger than Rodeo" and "Mission: Epicocity" as they follow the adventures of NRS team members Karl Moser, LJ Groth, Trip Jennings, and the rest of the EP Crew as they search for epic adventure.
  • The mission takes them to the US, Canada, Africa, and South America. It challenges the crew's limits on and off the water, and in the end; pushes the limits of the sport.
  • "Mission Epicocity" is the Winner of National Geographic's Best Online Adventure Flick Competition.
  • "Bigger Than Rodeo" was the official selection of the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival.
Running Time: 90 Minutes (total)
Release Date: Various
Number of Disks: 2
Film Location: North America, South American, Africa
Studio: Epicocity Project

Product Reviews

Subject Matter: Entertainment
Running Time: 90 minutes
Release Date: 2009
Number of Disks: 2
Film Location: N. America, S. America & Africa
Studio: Epicocity Project