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  • Performance Kayaking: The Basics and Beyond DVD
  • Performance Kayaking: The Basics and Beyond DVD (alternate image)

Performance Kayaking: The Basics and Beyond DVD

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Whatever your ability, kayaking is a magical way to explore amazing places. To enjoy it to its fullest you will need to learn important elements of paddling technique, advanced strokes and safety.
  • Join the experts as they explain the major building blocks for performance paddling.
  • Learn how to go farther and faster, with less effort.
  • Unlock the secret of the Eskimo roll.
  • Learn to self rescue in the event of a wet exit.
  • Watch exciting surf action and learn kayak surfing techniques.
  • From paddling basics to the art of navigation, this DVD is packed with information for paddlers of any skill level.

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Subject Matter: Skills
Running Time: 58 minutes
Release Date: 2003
Number of Disks: 1
Film Location: Various
Studio: Performance Video & Instruction, Inc