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Zipper Care

  • McNett Zip Care
  • McNett Zip Tech


McNett Zip Care - Cleans and lubricates nylon and metal zippers

  • Before applying, unzip garment and clean zippers with the applicator brush.
  • Open cap and brush generous amounts of Zip Care onto zipper teeth.
  • Re-apply regularly, especially before long storage periods.
  • Close cap and rinse brush after use.
  • Apply Zip Tech when finished for protection

McNett Zip Tech - Lubricates and protects nylon and metal zippers

  • Rub Zip Tech up and down zipper teeth.
  • Work zipper to fully lubricate entire mechanism.
  • Re-apply regularly.
  • Store Zip Tech in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Note: For prolonged storage of drysuits and dry tops store with zipper all the way open. If left closed for long periods, the zipper's sealing elements can take on a "compression set" making them less effective.

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