Paying it Forward

I’m of the opinion that those of us with valuable boating experience have an obligation to pass that knowledge on to others, a duty to “pay it forward”. I’m here today, with only a few scars, thanks to the lessons, positive and negative, I’ve learned from others.

I’ve been rafting for about 30 years now. Lots of water has passed under the bottoms of my boats and I’ve shared the experience with lots of folks. All the people I’ve gone on trips with, and a few I haven’t actually boated with, have contributed greatly to my accumulated knowledge. They helped me learn how to boat safely and protect the places we pass through.

Ever since becoming Editor of the e-News, I’ve done my best to pass on some of my experience to our readers. However, as extensive as my experience is, it’s only a tiny sliver of all the knowledge that’s out there.

There’s a community of rafters, canoeists and kayakers (whitewater, sea and touring) who recreate and work on the waters of the world. All of us have valuable things we can share.

It’s my hope that the e-News can become a forum for sharing that knowledge and experience with each other. I’ll be reaching out to you for this in future issues. And as always, I enjoy hearing from you.

Boat Often and Boat Safe,

I can’t single out all the folks who’ve helped me along the way but I would like to mention a few. Rich Abbott was the person who introduced me to rafting. Thanks, Rich, for opening the door to this great way of being in the world.

Curt Chang and crew, of OARS-Dories, Inc. (they were then part of Grand Canyon Dories), Lewiston, Idaho helped me a lot. They won’t remember the guy who bugged them so many times for info on Idaho rivers and rafting techniques, but they were always courteous and helpful. I modeled my first rowing frame, a bent steel conduit unit, from one of theirs.

And William “Bill” McGinnis, author of “Whitewater Rafting”. The book came out in 1975 and is out of print. I still have the dog-eared copy from which I gleaned so much valuable info.

Big Thanks to these people and all the rest of you who’ve shared this great run with me!