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NRS e-News Boating Tips

Gear Choice

How to Choose Apparel for Safe Fall Canoeing - Tips and a video on extending your canoeing into the fall months.
(Nov 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How to Choose Apparel for Safe Fall Whitewater Kayaking - Tips and a video on extending your kayaking into the fall months.
(Oct 2011 Vol 4 Newsletter)

How to Choose Apparel for Safe Fall Touring Kayaking - Choosing apparel for safe Fall touring kayaking.
(October 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

How to Choose Apparel for Safe Fall Rafting - Tips and a video on extending your rafting into the fall.
(November 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Choosing the Perfect SUP Paddle - Tips for picking the best SUP paddle for you.
(July 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

I'm a New Believer in Toaster Mitts! - Team NRS member Devon Barker becomes a convert.
(January 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Choosing the Perfect Kayak Paddle - Tips for making the best paddle choice.
(November 2010 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Heat Loss and Your Head - Preventing heat loss from your head while boating.
(November 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Outfitting Your Touring Kayak - Tips on outfitting a touring kayak.
(November 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Choosing Your First Raft or Cataraft - Things to consider when buying your first raft or cataraft.
(September 2009 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Gear Know How

How to Inflate and Deflate Cataraft Tubes - Tips for inflating and deflating cat tubes and preventing damage to baffles.
(March 2012 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How to Inflate Your Raft - Tips on proper raft inflation techniques.
(Feb 2012 Vol 1 Newsletter)

How to Stretch a Latex Neck Gasket - Stretching a drytop or drysuit neck gasket that's too tight.
(Jan 2011 Vol 4 Newsletter)

How to Maintain Your NRS Barrel Pump - Cleaning and lubricating the NRS Barrel Pump.
(Jan 2011 Vol 4 Newsletter)

How to Tie the Figure 8 Knot - Demonstrating the tying of this versatile knot.
(Jan 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

How to Tie a Tautline Hitch Knot - The Tautline Hitch - a great boater’s knot.
(Jan 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How to Remove a Knife from a Lash Tab - Tips for safely removing a knife sheath from a lash tab.
(Jan 2012 Vol 1 Newsletter)

How to Seal an NRS Dry Bag - The simple steps to get a watertight dry bag seal.
(Dec 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

How to Restuff a Rescue Throw Bag - The proper way to repack rope in your throw bag.
(Dec 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Special Edition Ninja PFD - NRS supports the USA Freestyle Kayaking Team.
(June 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Hey, What's the Weight Carrying Capacity of NRS Boats? - Discussion of the carrying capacity of rafts and cats.
(September 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

K-Pump Valve Fit Adaptor - An inexpensive K-Pump adaptor.
(July 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Helmet Know How - Can I wear my bike helmet when boating?
(March 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Kayak and Canoe Car Top Basics - The safe way to carry kayaks and canoes on top of your vehicle.
(September 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

The Sun Friend or Foe - Avoiding problems from the sun.
(August 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Identifying inflatable boat material - How to identify the type of material in your inflatable boat.
(Jun 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)

“In your drywear descriptions, what do you mean when you say “semi-dry”?”
(April 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)

“What are the differences between a “touring” PFD and a “whitewater” PFD?”
(February 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

“What’s the difference between HydroSkin and neoprene wetsuits?”
(January 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

“What is the temperature comfort range for this particular wetsuit, glove, footwear, etc?”
(January 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)

“Can I send my inflatable boat to you for repair work?”
(December 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

“What the heck is DWR and why should it concern me?"
(November 2005 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Choosing a Frame - Choosing a Frame for Your Raft or Cataraft.
(May 2004 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Gear Care, Repair and Maintenance

How to Patch a Hypalon Boat - Video with step-by-step instructions for Hypalon repair.
(March 2012 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Quick Guides to Boat Repair Adhesives
(March 2012 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Drysuit Zipper Care and Maintenance - Tips for keeping your zipper in good condition and protecting it from damage.
(Feb 2012 Vol 4 Newsletter)

How to Fix a Leaky Inflatable PR Valve - Tips on fixing a leaky PR valve on your raft or IK.
(Dec 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Dry Wear Latex Gasket Emergency Field Repair - Using Tear-Aid - Type A for latex gasket field repair.
(Nov 2011 Vol 5 Newsletter)

How to Troubleshoot Boat Valve Leaks - Step-by-step video instructions for fixing a leaky boat valve.
(Nov 2011 Vol 4 Newsletter)

How to Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat - Step-by-step video instructions for cleaning and storing your inflatable.
(Nov 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Drysuit Wearing and Maintenance Tip - Video tips for putting on, taking off and maintaining your drysuit.
(October 2010 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Drywear Gasket Repair - How to repair your own gaskets and make them last longer.
(March 2010 Vol 2 Newsletter)

The Joys of Fixing Your Own Gear! - Fixing gear saves money, helps the environment and is satisfying.
(November 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Repairing an Oar Blade - Repairing a broken oar blade with G/flex Epoxy.
(January 2010 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How to Heal a Scrim Shot - Using Aquaseal to cover a worn spot.
(November 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Valve Know How - Information on identification, maintenance and repair of inflatable boat valves.
(June 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

That's the Rub - to prevent and repair rub spots in inflatable boats.
(April 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

The Care and Feeding of Drywear Gaskets - How to take care of and repair your drywear gaskets.
(November 2007 Vol 3 Newsletter)

NRS Repair/Care - Repair and Care Instructions.
(April 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Gasket Repair Instructions - Instructions for replacing and caring for latex gaskets on your drytops and drysuits.
(April 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

NRS Gasket and Pump Repair Department - We'll repair your latex drysuit drytop gaskets and raft pumps.
(April 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Saltwater Gear Care - Tips for maintaining gear you use in and around saltwater.
(Feb 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Gear Maintenance - Tips on taking care of and storing your boating gear.
(Oct 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Check Out Your Drywear - Check on the condition of your drywear before the season starts.
(Sep 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Drywear Care - Care and cleaning of boating dry tops, drysuits, etc.
(May 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Boating Skills

Preventing Shoulder Injuries –Some helpful tips on preventing boater shoulder injuries.
(September 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Fitting Molded Oar Sleeves and Oar Rights - Preventing slipping of Molded Oar Sleeves and Oar Rights.
(July 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Rolling A Kayak - World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, gives pointers on learning to roll your kayak.
(May 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Extend Your Boating Season - Gear you need to boat outside the summer months.
(December 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Preventing Boating Injuries - Body conditioning, proper technique and equipment prevent injury.
(Mar 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Rescue Bag Techniques - Tips on using a rescue throwbag.
(May 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Getting Pumped - Tips for pumping inflatable boats.
(June 2004 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Knots to Know - Common boater's knots.
(May 2004 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Know the Flow - Understanding river flows.
(March 2004 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Limber Up - Stretching exercises for paddlers.
(February 2004 Vol 2 Newsletter)

For Women

Women of the World Rejoice! - NRS is now carrying the Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel.
(November 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Women Boaters Discussion Group - A group of women talks about issues for women boaters.
(May 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Boating with Kids

"Whitewater Kids!"–Tips on introducing young kids to the sport of kayaking.
(January 2010 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Kids & Nature - Outdoors education for the young people in your life.
(June 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

'Living' With Kids on Boating Trips - Tips for making boating trips with kids enjoyable for all.
(Jun 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Outdoor Fun

Close to Home - Hints and links for finding outdoor fun closer to where you live.
(April 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Tips for Outdoor Fun - Ideas from NRS folks for outdoor fun and games.
(August 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Cans - The Game - Rules for a fun camp game.
(Mar 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Multiday Trips & Camping

How Low Can You Go? - "Camp Cooking Without Coolers II" - A book by Lacey Anderson
(Aug 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Pre-trip Food Preparation - Doing some work before your trip speeds up meal preparation and cuts down on the mess.
(Aug 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Multiday Trips – Kayaks - Tips for multiday kayak trips.
(August 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Multiday Trips – Raft and Cataraft - Tips for multiday raft and cataraft trips.
(August 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Kayak Camping - How to pack you kayak with camping in mind.
(March 2005 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Multi-Day Tripping - Tips for multi-day raft trips.
(August 2004 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Camping Tips - Camping tips for boaters.
(June 2004 Vol 1 Newsletter)


Kayaking and Rafting Boat Launch Map - A map to hundreds of boating launch sites.
(August 2012 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Why Fish From a Kayak - Jerry White tells the reason he loves kayak fishing.
(Feb 2012 Vol 3 Newsletter)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Whitewater SUP - Stand-up paddle boarding is the new whitewater thrill.
(June 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Its Up to Us to Stop the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species - Learn about invasive aquatic species and agency prevention efforts.
(June 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

USGS WaterAlert Service - Service gives email or text message alerts on river flows.
(June 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

A Paddler's Dictionary - A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on many boating terms.
(May 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

12 Reasons to Start Paddling - A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on the many reasons for getting on the water.
(May 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Idaho Fee to Fight Invasive Species - Idaho law requires boaters to purchase sticker to help prevent spread of invasive plant and animal species.
(June 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Overcoming Fear - Suggestions for overcoming the fear produced by a scary swim.
(April 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Help Prevent the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species - How to prevent the spread of harmful organisms in our waterways.
(May 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)