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NRS e-News Safety Source

Life Jackets & Other Gear

Dry Wear Latex Gasket Emergency Field Repair - Using Tear-Aid - Type A for latex gasket field repair.
(Nov 2011 Vol 5 Newsletter)

NRS, Sunscreens and You – New sunscreen regulations and your health.
(August 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Let's Stop Senseless Loss of Life – The vital importance of wearing a life jacket when boating.
(June 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Flotation, Flotation, Flotation –Thinking about Sinking – For safety, add flotation bags to your touring kayak.
(June 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

When the PFD Fits... Wear It! Part II – Tips on getting the best fit for your PFD.
(September 2010 Vol 2 Newsletter)

When the PFD Fits... Wear It! – Tips on getting the best fit for your PFD.
(September 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

How Sun Protection Works – Details on how sunscreens work and how they are tested.
(July 2009 Vol 2 Newsletter)

A Drysuit Doesn’t Make You Bulletproof - Your drysuit is only one piece of your boating safety system.
(February 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Cold Water Gear - Commonsense guidelines for choosing your cold water protection.
(October 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Rescue Vests Aren't For Everyone - Cautions about wearing and using rescue PFDs.
(August 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)

The Fine Nine - Preparing yourself to prevent or recover from on-the-water emergencies.
(January 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Rescue Bag Basics - Basic instructions on using a Rescue/Throw Bag.
(Apr 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Your Second Most Important Safety Item - The importance of wearing a life jacket (PFD) when boating.
(April 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Cold Water

Lend Me Your Ear – What you need to know about Kayaker's Ear, a serious boater health hazard.
(Jan 2012 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How to Stay Warm When Boating – Team paddler shares winter warmth advice.
(April 2011 Vol 2 Newsletter)

How We Lose Heat & How to Stop It – Four heat loss mechanisms and how to protect yourself.
(March 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Winter Boating Safety Tips – NRS Boaters give advice on staying safe in cold water conditions.
(January 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

'Tis The Season – How to outfit yourself for cold water boating protection.
(March 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Too Much Heat or Not Enough of It - Info on heat exhaustion and making a hypothermia wrap.
(October 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Cold Water Layering - Layering for Cold Water Boating
(Mar 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Cold Water Protection and Hypothermia - Charlie Walbridge on the dangers of hypothermia and how to protect yourself.
(March 2005 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Nutrition & Hydration

Boaters and Dehydration – Body fluid loss can lead to serious consequences. How to recognize it and prevent it.
(July 2012 Vol 4 Newsletter)

What's in the Water – Excellent resource on microorganisms in backcountry drinking water.
(February 2010 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Backcountry Food Handling & Hygiene - Tips on avoiding food and hygiene related illness.
(April 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Fueling the Fires Within - Nutrition needs for cold weather boating.
(February 2008 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Kids & Dogs

Boating Safety for 'Man's Best Friend' - Tips on safely boating with your dog.
(September 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Boating Safety for Infants & Younger Children - Tips on safely taking your kids boating.
(June 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Kids Safety - Safety tips for taking kids boating
(Jun 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Training & Skills

Preventing Shoulder Injuries –Some helpful tips on preventing boater shoulder injuries.
(September 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Avoiding Foot Entrapment – Description of this common hazard and how to avoid it.
(July 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Safety and Rescue Discussion Group - Charlie Walbridge and NRS folks discuss safety and rescue training.
(June 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

NRS Swiftwater Training - Photos of NRS Spring 2008 safety training.
(June 2008 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Dry Drowning:

  • Dry Drowning – An Update - Excellent feedback from readers about this important boating safety issue. (June 2012 Vol 4 Newsletter)
  • Dry Drowning Revisited - Dry drowning can occur on the water and on land. Learn more about it.
    (April 2012 Vol 1 Newsletter)
  • Dry Drowning Feed Back - Reader feedback on the Dry Drowning article.
    (November 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)
  • Dry Drowning - An important safety article on laryngospasm ("dry drowning").
    (November 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Educate Yourself & Trust Your Own Judgment - Build your confidence by increasing your boating skills.
(July 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

First Aid Training - Preparing for Medical Emergencies when Boating.
(May 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Coming Back Is Mandatory - Learn the limits of your skills and equipment and stay safe.
(Jan 2007 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Sea Kayak Safety Starts at Home - Expert Roger Schumann gives tips on preparing for safe sea kayaking adventures.
(Aug 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Protect Yourself - Protecting yourself from sun, bad water, plants and animals
(Jul 2006 Vol 2 Newsletter)

Rafting Safety Put-in Talk - Give a good rafting put-in safety talk
(Jul 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)


High Water Wisdom - High water brings more dangers to your boating. Learn tips to avoid them.
(March 2012 Vol 3 Newsletter)

Riding the Flood - The dangers of high water boating and how to avoid them.
(January 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

High Water Safety Guidelines - Boating safely in high water conditions.
(May 2006 Vol 1 Newsletter)


Whitewater Fatalities Report – Please read and pass it on.
(July 2011 Vol 4 Newsletter)

File a Boater's Trip Plan – Trip Plan form can help rescue personnel find you.
(May 2011 Vol 3 Newsletter)

That Time Mike Almost Drowned – Dramatic whitewater safety video.
(January 2011 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Delusions in Appalachia – A near fatal accident teaches a kayaker a valuable safety lesson.
(December 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

Whitewater Accidents Reported to AW – January-June 2010 – Summary of whitewater accidents, first half of 2010
(August 2010 Vol 1 Newsletter)

2008 Whitewater Boating Fatalities – Charlie Walbridge on American Whitewater boating fatality statistics.
(August 2009 Vol 1 Newsletter)

River & Rapid Difficulty Ratings - Describing the Class I-VI and Class 1-10 Ratings.
(July 2007 Vol 2 Newsletter)