Sizing Information

When using a Height/Weight chart, weight tends to be the better size indicator. If you fall into different categories on height and weight, follow the weight range recommendation. For kids sizing, weight is also the best indicator. If you would like assistance in choosing a size, feel free to call 877.677.4327


  • While your arms are down at your sides, have somebody measure around the largest part of the chest, just beneath the arms and around the shoulder blades.


  • While standing with your feet together, measure around the largest circumference of your hips.


  • While standing, measure from the crotch to where you would like the pants to end.


  • While your elbow is bent, measure from the center of the base of your neck to the elbow, then down to your wrist.


  • Measure loosely around your waist at the point you want to wear the waistband.