Carlisle Paddle Sizing Guide

Rafting Paddles

Average length for paddlers is 60". Paddle boat guides usually prefer a longer paddle, at least 66".

Carlisle Guide Paddle
What paddle length should I purchase for canoeing?

Bow Paddle: Bow paddling requires shorter more frequent strokes, a shorter paddle is suggested. As a general rule, a bow paddle should measure from the ground to the middle of the chest of a standing paddler.
Bow Paddle Size

Stern Paddle: Stern paddling requires longer strokes when maneuvering and steering the canoe. A longer paddle is suggested. As a general rule, a stern paddle should measure from the ground to the collar bone of a standing paddler.

Stern Paddle Size
Carlisle Economy Paddle

Carlisle Economy Paddle

This inexpensive, lightweight, sturdy paddle features a 8" X 20" polypropylene blade and a 1" diameter aluminum shaft. A T-grip handle and 8" gripping area complete the package.

Carlisle Standard Paddle

Carlisle Standard Paddle

The industry standard! This 1-1/8" aluminum shaft extends well into the blade for added strength and is covered with polyethylene to provide a warm, secure grip. The 8" x 20" molded blade uses super-strong polypropylene for a powerful yet lightweight paddle.

Carlisle Outfitter Paddle

Carlisle Outfitter Paddle

Favored by commercial outfitters for its high strength-to-weight ratio, this 8" x 21" reinforced blade is fitted with a 1-1/8" aluminum shaft. The shaft is covered with high-density polyethylene to provide a grip that resists nicks, dents and oxidation and a warmer feel than that of an aluminum grip.

Carlisle Guide Paddle

Carlisle Guide Paddle

You can rely on this paddle's strength even in demanding whitewater. The Guide has a large (8" x 27") reinforced polyethylene blade, with a longer 1-1/4" diameter shaft and T-grip.

Kayak Paddles

Carlisle RS Magic Aluminum Paddle

Length is dependent on two factors:

1. Boat Width:. The wider the kayak the longer the paddle.
2. Paddling Style:

Paddle Angle: Low
Paddle Angle: High

Low angle paddlers require a longer paddle. Style appropriate for long distance and touring.

High angle paddlers can use a shorter paddle. Appropriate for short distance touring.

Recommended Recreational Kayak Paddle Length
(average paddler)
Hard Shell
Sit-on Top
High Angle
218-220 cm
225 cm
230 cm
Low Angle
228-235 cm
240 cm
240 cm