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NRS Boater's Bucks are a credit you earn between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 that you can apply towards any purchase in the following year. Place any order with a merchandise total of $50 or more between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, and you will earn Boater's Bucks equal to 10% of the merchandise value. A $50 order earns you $5 in Boater's Bucks, $200 gets you $20, etc. We will send you a notice early the following year with the Boater's Bucks amount you have accrued. Your Boater's Bucks are valid for payment on any orders placed in that following year.*

How to redeem your Boater’s Bucks:


  1. When you reach the Payment Information section during checkout, click the box labeled "Would you like to pay with a Gift Card or Boater’s Bucks Card?"
  2. Enter your Boater's Bucks Number and Customer Number into the fields provided. (If you do not have your Boater's Bucks Card in hand, please call 877.677.4327 or email, and we will provide these numbers to you.)
  3. If available, your Boater's Bucks will automatically apply. Please call us if you have any questions..
  4. When you have finished applying your Boater's Bucks amounts, please move on to the section labeled Credit Card Information. We need your credit card information in order to submit your order, but don't worry, your card will not be charged unless you owe more than your Boater's Bucks amount.


  • Please mention to the Customer Service Representative that you would like to apply your Boater's Bucks to your order.

*Please Note: Boater’s Bucks cannot be used towards the purchase of NRS Gift Cards, and Boater’s Bucks are not earned for the purchase of NRS Gift Cards.