Motion Fabric

Have you ever dreamed about a waterproof, breathable boating top that would be as comfortable to wear as your favorite fleece jacket? Well, it’s no longer a dream – the NRS Motion Soft Shell Jackets are a beautiful reality.

What makes these tops a new innovation in boating technical outerwear is the fabric. It’s a three-layer material, with the following features:

The outer material is a nylon/spandex blend that’s treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating. DWR keeps water from soaking into the threads, causing moisture to bead up and roll off. It’s soft and stretchy, not noisy and stiff like a lot of nylon fabrics.

The middle layer is a urethane membrane laminate. It has a breathability rating of 2,000 grams of moisture per square meter of membrane per 24 hours (2,000 gms/m2/24 hr) and a waterproof rating of 10,000 mm. These ratings are in the mid-range for our NRS waterproof, breathable fabrics and as good as or better than 70% of the fabrics in the industry.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the standards used for waterproofness and breathability. Different manufacturers of fabrics use different standards and test methods for measuring these factors, so often it’s an “apples and oranges” problem of comparing fabrics. The ratings given above are fairly common. The breathability rating is simply a measurement of the weight of water that can physically pass through a square meter of the membrane in a 24-hour period. 2,000 grams of water is over one-half gallon.

The waterproofness rating is a measurement of hydrostatic pressure. Translated into non-engineer speak, that’s the pressure exerted by a column of water. In this case, it’s saying that the weight of water in a water column approximately 32 feet high or less would not force water through the membrane.

Now that we’ve caused your eyes to glaze over, let’s get to the coolest feature of the Motion fabric: the inner layer. It’s 100% polyester fleece! Just like that favorite fleece top of yours. It’s warm, really warm and oh, so comfortable against the skin.

To summarize, Motion fabric is very waterproof and breathable. It repels water, is soft and stretchy, windproof, warm and comfortable. It’s also pretty lightweight, only 435 grams per square meter.

Then we wrap this great fabric into the Motion Soft Shell Jackets, in both men’s and women’s specific cuts. You get all the great features of the fabric, with the seams sealed with polyurethane seam tape. You get a comfortable punch-through neoprene neck gasket in all the tops and latex wrist gaskets in the long sleeve and neoprene arm cuffs in the Shorty.

Throw in the 4-way stretch inner tunnel and the double-pull adjustment on the 3-inch wide sticky grip waist and you’ve got one sweet top!