The NRS GigBob

You often see the word “New” associated with products. Usually it’s merely the tweak of an older idea. Much rarer is something that is truly innovative and unique.

The NRS GigBob is the first frameless inflatable personal fishing craft. While the inflatable pontoon boat has been around a long time, it has always required a rigid metal frame to support the fisherman and the oar locks.

The GigBob doesn’t need an external frame. The secret? Air pressure. The upper deck and pontoons are made of a drop stitch material. Hundreds of 500-denier threads (the ‘space yarn’ in the illustration) join the top and bottom fabric pieces. This technology gives the material tremendous strength, allowing high inflation pressure. We recommend 4-6 pounds per square inch (psi) operating pressure, but the material can take even higher pressures. The GigBob’s frameless design is patented and other US and international patents are pending. It’s truly one of a kind.

Drop stitch material also lets us make flat-surfaced inflatable structures. The upper deck has 15 square feet of usable space, letting you carry all kinds of fishing and camping gear. The wide, flat surfaces of the removable pontoons create a super stable ‘footprint’ on the water, for extra safety. This also gives the GigBob a very shallow draft. Even with 400 pounds on board, it only draws approximately two inches of water. This lets the GigBob skim over rocks that will stop a round tube pontoon boat.

*Drop stitch material cross section.

The top deck and two pontoons each have a top quality Leafield C-7 inflation/deflation valve. The three separate inflated chambers give an extra measure of safety. You can easily remove the two pontoons and with fins use the upper deck as a roomy kickboat. Two great boats for the price of one!

The GigBob comes with everything you need (except air) to get on the water. The package includes:

  • The adjustable high-back padded seat, which has a roomy removable zippered storage pouch on the back.
  • Two Carlisle 2-piece oars with sleeves and Oar Rights.
  • Aluminum oar plates that support the engineered plastic oar mounts.
  • GigBob Oar Locks.
  • Springs and split rings for the oarlocks.
  • Two Easy Access Tackle Bags - 12" L x 8" W x 5". These roomy bags easily unzip one-handed to a 12” x 5” opening.
  • Oar rests – they attach on the sides of the stern to support the oar blades for hands free fishing.
  • Fly Line Stripping Apron – attaches to the boat with clips on stretchy bungee cord so you can slip out easily if need be.
  • Carrying Backpack – 26" L x 21" H x 10" D. The heavy-duty Cordura® pack has padded shoulder straps and a chest harness for an easy carry to even remote waters.

In the front of the boat are two sets of foot pegs. They let you brace your feet when rowing and fold out of the way when not needed. Along the sides and rear of the upper deck are numerous D-rings and webbing loops, giving you multiple options for attaching fishing tackle, a cooler and camping gear.

The optional Anchor Plate easily attaches to the stern. It’s predrilled to accept the Scotty Anchor Mount. The Anchor Plate can also be adapted to hold an electric trolling motor, if you want to go motorized!

The GigBob is one highly adaptable craft. You can row it on flatwater and it has successfully run Class IV rapids. Row it when you need to, but with a set of fins you can easily maneuver the boat for hands-free fishing.  Take the pontoons off, put on your fins and you’ve got a stable kickboat that keeps most of your body out of the water. The huge carrying capacity of the GigBob opens up unlimited possibilities of self-support trips on remote rivers (see GigBob on the Middle Fork, a story of a six-day Middle Fork of the Salmon trip).

One of the greatest features of the GigBob’s frameless design is its light weight and compact storage. It’s approximately 20% lighter than a metal framed pontoon boat. Since the boat and its accessories fold into its own compact carrying case, you can take it to the water in the smallest vehicle and it easily stores in a closet.

Going to a distant fishing location. Check your GigBob as luggage on the plane. Hiking into a remote stream or lake? The carrying case has padded shoulder straps and a chest harness to make the packing easy.

The GigBob is turning heads in the fishing world. It has already won the 2009 Editor’s Choice Award from Fly Fish America Magazine and the 2009 Best New Gear Award from Outdoor Canada Magazine.

The bottom line? The GigBob is an angler’s dream. Adaptable, lightweight, roomy, safe. This is the personal fishing craft that can do it all… and do it in style.

Give us a call at 800.635.5202 with any questions you have.

Luc readying the GigBob for some lake fishing.
© Niki Payton

Luc testing out the boat's stability. © Luc Adams

GigBob with anchor attached. © Niki Payton

Steve Leonard on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.
He's using fins to work his way into the best fishing spots.
© Pinocchio Fly Fishing Club