NRS GigBob Personal Fishing Watercraft - One of a Kind Wonder

Whether you're fishing riffling trout streams, searching for big bass along a weedy shoreline or quietly kicking across a large lake, the NRS GigBob will make you smile.

Everything about its patented, frameless design is innovative and new. No need for a trailer or roof rack, this unique inflatable craft fits in your car trunk. Take it out of its handy backpack, put 4-6 pounds per square inch (psi) of air pressure in the three drop-stitch air chambers and you're ready to fish in just minutes.

Thousands of strong threads bind the top and bottom of the air chambers, allowing the high air pressure that creates a rigid upper platform and flat bottomed pontoons. The shallow draft lets you smoothly maneuver in water that snags round tubes.

And it's two boats in one! Remove the pontoons and you've got a great kick boat. It comes with oars, oar mounts, oarlocks, oar rests, a stripping apron and two Easy Access Tackle Bags.

GigBob – a totally new way to fish.