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NRS HydroLock Dry Bags

Boating is wet. You want your gear to stay dry. The NRS HydroLock Dry Bags are 100% dry.

Fill the bag with your gear, and press the HydroLock zip-seal closure shut, like a freezer bag. Then, roll the StormStrip™ top down to protect the zip-seal and to form a handy carrying handle. Your gear is now completely safe from the elements.

The 70-denier urethane-coated nylon material is lightweight, very strong and abrasion resistant. We’ve included a durable clear urethane window in the bags that makes finding your stuff a snap. The seams are welded for rugged dependability.

The bags are available in two different models. The HydroLock Grommeted Dry Bag works especially well for kayakers. The “envelope” shape and smooth surface slips easily into the hatches and cockpits of boats. And corner grommets, along with a D-ring on the StormStrip buckle, make it easy to secure the bag where you need it. These bags come in three sizes: XS, S and M.

The standard HydroLock Dry Bags are great for general boating and outdoor use. Their cylindrical shape gives them more volume per size than the Grommeted models, and they’re available in XS, S, M and L. The volumes of both models are measured with the bags fully packed, sealed and with the StormStrip rolled and closed.

That HydroLock zip-seal is the shizznit!
©Ashley Grittner

Janelle is doing the Hokey Pokey as she balances on an inflated Grommeted HydroLock bag.
© Ashley Grittner

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