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NRS Brass Belt Buckle

It’s back!

The NRS Brass Belt Buckle first appeared in our 1978 catalog, introduced with this creatively punctuated text:

“A quality, solid brass buckle with our NRS Logo on it. Commercialism! Well maybe, but we still like’m. Other firms offer buckles for $7.00 - not us. 3" dia. buckle with black background. $4.50”

It made its last appearance in the 1983 catalog, 30 years ago. How many were made and sold has been lost in time.

As we prepared to celebrate NRS’s 40th anniversary, some of us said, “Hell yeah, we gotta bring back the Buckle!” I contacted Dynabuckle in Provo, Utah, the manufacturer of the original. They said, “Sure, we’ve still got it in our system. How many do you want?”

So, here’s the NRS Belt Buckle, first class and solid brass. It’s cast in relief, so you get a three-dimensional look. The brushed finish on the logo and lettering really pops against the black background. It’s 3" in diameter, and works with belts up to 2″ wide. It’s an exact replica of the original buckle.

Now, how did I know that Dynabuckle was the manufacturer? Cuz I’ve got one of the originals and the Dynabuckle logo is on the back! I don’t remember exactly when I bought it, but it was probably in the early 80s. Our current sales system only goes back to 1987, so my purchase date is lost.

Motor Mount
Which one is 30+ years old and which one is freshly minted?

I started boating in the mid 70s, an odyssey I partially covered in my First Raft article. I was bughouse nuts about rafting, going every chance I got. One of my buddies had a plaque in his home office that read, “Rafting isn’t a matter of life and death. It’s much more important than that.” And that’s about how we felt about it. I was a great fan of NRS and when I saw the belt buckle, I just had to have it.

So, years later I’m between jobs and I see that NRS is hiring. I put in an application, got an interview, and wore the belt buckle to the interview! I don’t think anyone on the interview panel even knew NRS had ever had a buckle. Needless to say, it made an impression. I’ve teased ever since that it’s the only reason I got hired.

Here’s your chance to own a great piece of NRS history, while keeping your pants up at the same time. Yeah, I know many of us use an NRS HD cam strap as a belt, but say you want to go formal – to a wedding… or to a job interview – the NRS Belt Buckle can’t be beat.

Boat Often & Boat Safe,

e-News Editor

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