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How to Choose Apparel for Safe Fall Canoeing

Fall in canoe country is one of the best times of the year. The first frosts have put the mosquitoes and flies to bed. Trees are putting on a vivid color display. Summer's crowds are gone. It's a time to savor the paddling experience. Here are some tips for doing it safely.

  • The water you're paddling on is getting colder. Water is a very efficient conductor of heat. Experts tell us that it pulls heat away from your body some 25 times more quickly than air.
  • An unprotected swim, even in just cool water, can be dangerous, leading to hypothermia. Always dress for that unexpected swim.
  • Wearing your life jacket now is even more important than when you're boating on warm water. Always have it on and properly adjusted.

Customer Service Rep, Alex Boughamer, is an experienced paddler who's spent lots of time on the water in canoes, kayaks and rafts, in all sorts of weather. In this video he gives tips on how to dress safely when you're extending your canoeing into the cooler fall months.