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How to Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat

Proper care and maintenance greatly extends the life of your valuable boat. Whether it's coated with Pennel Orca® or other hypalon-type rubber, urethane or PVC, it pays to remove dirt and other environmental contaminants, using Inflatable Boat Cleaner, before storing it. Then, following manufacturer's recommendations, put on a coat of 303 Aerospace Protectant. It's "SPF 40 UV protection for your stuff" and helps keep boat materials supple.

For storage, leaving your raft, cataraft or inflatable kayak softly inflated and out of the sun is a good move. If you don't have the room, loosely roll or fold it and, again, keep it out of the sunlight. And a word of warning, some rodents love to burrow into a stored inflatable. Just about every year we hear from customers with horror stories of massive damage caused by those furry critters. Store your craft rodent-safe, or employ attack cats.

In this video, Josh from NRS Repairs gives you step-by-step instructions for cleaning and storing your inflatable.