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How to Patch a Hypalon Boat

You can do a professional-level repair job by following the step-by-step directions outlined here. This method works on an NRS boat made of Pennel Orca® material, other makers’ Hypalon boats, or any of the other synthetic rubber boat materials.

We recommend Clifton Hypalon Adhesive; it’s a great one-part glue for these materials. Mixing Clifton Hypalon Accelerator with the adhesive significantly increases bond strength and also shortens the cure time. We strongly recommend this combination when you’re making an air-holding patch. It’s also recommended when gluing on accessories that take a lot of stress, like D-rings, carry handles and foot cups. This combination of adhesive and accelerator is what we use to build our top-quality Pennel Orca rafts, catarafts and inflatable kayaks (IK).

Always remember that adhesives and solvents like toluene and acetone are toxic and flammable. Use proper protective safety gear and work in a well-ventilated space.

In this video, Josh from NRS Repairs demonstrates the tips and tricks for a successful, long-lasting repair job.