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How to Tie the Figure 8 Knot

The figure 8 is one of the most versatile knots for kayakers, rafters, canoeists, swiftwater rescue professionals, climbers and other outdoor folks to learn and use. It works for making a tie-down point along a length of rope and as a stopper knot at the end of one. It's frequently tied at the end of a rescue line to secure it to an anchor point or a rescue belt, often with a carabiner. Climbers use it to securely tie into a climbing harness. You can also tie two different lengths of rope together with it. And a great thing about this knot is that it's easy to untie, even after it's been under load.

Spend some time practicing your knot tying; you can't be on the water all the time! Ropes are an essential part of a boater's gear inventory. They're used for lashing gear into or onto the boat. They tie you up to shore. They're essential for setting up a Z-drag and other rescue and safety systems. To do just about anything with a rope requires putting knots in it.

In this video, NRS Repairs Guru Josh Gile demonstrates different ways of tying the great figure 8 knot.