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Riken Rafts

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NRS & Riken Rafts

In 2000, NRS purchased the assets of B & A Distributing, Portland, Oregon. Part of this acquisition included the distribution rights to the Riken brand of whitewater inflatables.

Over the next two years we worked with Riken, based in Japan, to improve the construction quality and standardize the manufacturing process. After considerable effort, and with the agreement of the Okamoto parent company, we moved the manufacturing of Riken rafts to our factory in Tecate, Mexico.

By that time we’d recognized that the Riken patterns were not mathematically correct. We rebuilt the patterns to computer-aided design (CAD) specifications. We also made adjustments in shape, angles and sizes to correctly match efficient manufacturing procedures. We introduced upgraded materials, adhesives and assembly processes to bring the boats up to the exacting NRS boat manufacturing standards.

The end result is that all Riken patterns are now quite literally NRS patterns, built off the original Riken products. Take a look at these great boats!

Showing 1 to 6 of 6

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