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Bow Line Bag


NRS Inflatable Boat & SUP Guide (Article)

Specifics on NRS E-series, Otter series, Otter Livery series, NRS catarafts, NRS Patriots, NRS SUP Boards and NRS Inflatable Kayaks.

Basic Terminology for Raft & Cataraft Features and Accessories (Article)

Basic Terminology for Raft & Cataraft Features and Accessories

Beginners Guide to Kayak Terminology (Article)

Shop NRS for kayaking gear, inflatable kayak, kayak equipment, kayak accessory, kayak sale, playboat river kayak, and whitewater kayak.

Outfitting Your Touring Kayak (Article)

Learn how to outfit your touring kayak or sea kayak with the proper gear. If you're going to do overnight trips, there are some additional things to consider.

Gear Checklist Rafting Trip Gear (Checklist)

Rafting and boat gear: a checklist of boating equipment prepared by Tobias Schunck for a June Grand Canyon trip.

A Paddler's Dictionary (Article)

A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on many boating terms.

Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog (Article)

In 2006, NRS's own Clyde Nicely live-blogged his raft trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Enjoy this archive of his adventures.

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