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How to Prepare for Medical Emergencies When Boating (Article)

Learn how to prepare for medical emergencies when boating, kayaking, or rafting when embarking on journeys that take you outside the 911 system.

Riding the Flood (Article)

The dangers of high water boating and how to avoid them.

Safety and Rescue Discussion Group (Article)

Charlie Walbridge and NRS folks discuss safety and rescue training.

Preventing Shoulder Injuries (Article)

Some helpful tips on preventing boater shoulder injuries.

Why Fish From a Kayak (Article)

Read about a few reasons why many people have chosen to embrace the sport of kayak fishing. Far from being a fad, kayak fishing is here to stay.

Fall Boating Safety (Article)

Your cold season gear has probably been stored away. Its time to get it out and inspect it to make sure its ready to go.

Boating Safety's Five Golden Rules (Article)

No matter what kind of boating activity you participate in, these five golden rules will go a long way toward ensuring that your trips on the water end safely.

Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog (Article)

In 2006, NRS's own Clyde Nicely live-blogged his raft trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Enjoy this archive of his adventures.

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