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Level 6 Shorts


Aquaseal/Cotol Instructions (Article)

Learn to repair your neoprene spray skirt, neoprene or HydroSkin apparel or gaskets with Aquaseal.

Dry Drowning: Feedback (Article)

Read some user feedback to our original Dry Drowning article and learn the takeaways our readers had to share that helps them stay safe on the water.

Safety and Rescue Discussion Group (Article)

Charlie Walbridge and NRS folks discuss safety and rescue training.

Preventing Shoulder Injuries (Article)

Some helpful tips on preventing boater shoulder injuries.

Leave No Trace, Please (Article)

NRS is partnering with Leave No Trace for the month of May. Donate today and well match your contribution.

Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog (Article)

In 2006, NRS's own Clyde Nicely live-blogged his raft trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Enjoy this archive of his adventures.

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