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Personal Flotation Device


ABCs of PFDs (Article)

PFD selection and Coast Guard Approval Ratings for PFDS

Boating Safety for "Man's Best Friend" (Article)

Learn the proper techniques for safety bringing your dog on the water or next river trip. And don't forget the dog life jacket!

Don't Boat Without Number Two (Article)

The importance of wearing a life jacket (PFD) when boating.

Rafting Put-in Safety Talk (Article)

The basics of a good put-in safety orientation for rafters.

Riding the Flood (Article)

The dangers of high water boating and how to avoid them.

When the PFD Fits... Wear It! (Article)

Many tragedies can be prevented by wearing a correctly sized life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD). We'll show you how to size and fit a life jacket.

When the PFD Fits... Wear it! Part II: Kids (Article)

NRS shows you how to find the right PFD or life jacket for your child or youth and how to teach your child to wear, adjust and utilize their new PFD.

Is Your Life Jacket Safe? (Article)

Learn how to know with certainty that the life jacket or PFD you've purchased is safe and Coast Guard approved (and what that even means!).

Let's Stop the Senseless Loss of Life (Article)

This helps reinforce the need to wear life jackets, especially when boating in cold water.

How to Fit a Life Jacket (Video)

In this video we show you how to fit a life jacket and tighten the straps to ensure it won't ride up when youre in the water.

Basic Gear for Kayak Fishing Safety (Article)

NRS ambassador Isaac Miller discusses the equipment and apparel that can improve our level of comfort and kayak fishing safety.

A Paddler's Dictionary (Article)

A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on many boating terms.

Life Jacket Fiction and Fact (Article)

The life jacket is the first line of defense for every paddler. Learn to dispel the misunderstandings, misconceptions and myths about PFDs.

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