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Rain Tarp


Too Much Heat or Not Enough (Article)

Learn how and why to make a hypothermia wrap: a very efficient way to warm someone suffering from hypothermia with the materials you already have.

Gear Checklist Personal Camping Necessities (Checklist)

What personal camping necessities should you pack for a rafting or kayak trip? This handy equipement checklist will help you bring the gear you need.

Packing for International Paddling (Checklist)

Packing for an international boating adventure can be intimidating. World traveler Kyle "Smitty" Smith offers his expertise in figuring it out.

Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog (Article)

In 2006, NRS's own Clyde Nicely live-blogged his raft trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Enjoy this archive of his adventures.

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