Frame Instructions

Break Down Side Rail Kit Components:

  • (2) 6" Solid Aluminum Rod
  • (4) 5/16" X 2" Bolts
  • (4) 5/16" Nuts
NRS Frame Breakdown Side Rails


  1. Determine the length at which to cut your side rails. Take into consideration that the solid rod will protrude 3" when the frame is broken down.

  2. Cut side rails at your determined length and "Deburr" where you've just cut using a deburring tool or a file on both the inside and out, insuring a good fit.

  3. Insert solid aluminum rod halfway into the pipe. Secure the rod with tape to hold in place while drilling.

  4. Measure 1.5" from the edge of the side rail; find the center and punch for drilling.

  5. Using a 5/16" drill bit, drill through both the pipe and the solid rod, deburr holes and install the bolt.

  6. Insert the completed half into the remaining pipe. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second half, keeping both bolts in the same place.

  7. Securely tighten ONLY the bolt on the side rail portion in which the solid rod-coupler will remain. Slip the two halves together and gently Snug the second bolt.

    ** Note: Do not over tighten! This could possibly "Ovalize" the pipe and cause difficulty in removing and re-seating the solid rod back into the side rail.

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