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PFD Hydration Pack Instructions

Filling the bladder:

  • Before using your NRS Hydration Pack for the first time, you should rinse out the inner bladder using clean water. This will help remove any plastic taste from the material.
  • We recommend filling the bladder only with water. Other liquids will leave lingering tastes and odors.
  • To fill the inner bladder, unzip the outer pack and remove the inner bladder. Unscrew the large fill cap at the top and fill with water.
  • When the bladder is full, secure the cap and slide the bladder back into the outer pack. The bladder should be oriented in the outer pack so that the end of the hose is at the bottom, and the large fill cap is at the top. The hose attachment and the fill cap should be facing away from the mesh backing of the outer bag.
  • Run the hose up and out through the opening at the top of the outer pack. The end of this hose features a self-sealing "bite" valve that will seal the water in until you want a drink.

Using the straps:

  • We have included two sets of removable straps, allowing you to wear the system like a backpack, or attached to a PFD for use while kayaking, canoeing, etc. When using one set of straps, you can stow the other set in the zippered pocket in the outer pack
  • For use while wearing a PFD:
    • You will only need the two small straps that clip to the upper corners. Remove the backpack-style shoulder straps and store them in the front zippered pocket.
    • Clip one end of one small strap to the top corner of the outer pack, wrap it around the shoulder strap of the PFD, and clip the other end to the remaining buckle on that corner. Repeat on the other side of the pack so that the straps secure the top corners of the bag to the shoulder straps of the PFD.
    • Unclip the buckle at the bottom of the long vertical strap attached to the center of the outer pack. Run this long strap down the inside of the back panel of your PFD, and re-secure the buckle
  • For use without a PFD:
    • You will only need the two backpack-style straps. Remove the two small straps from the top corners and store them in the front zippered pocket. The long center strap is not needed. Simply tighten it against the outer pack to keep it out of the way.
    • Attach the backpack-style straps to the two middle buckles at the top of the outer pack. Then attach the bottom buckles on the straps to the buckles at the bottom corners of the outer pack.
    • You can run the bladder hose through the loop on one of the shoulder straps to make the hose easily accessible.

Tips for cleaning and sanitizing:

  • To clean the inner bladder, simply fill with fresh warm water, shake vigorously, and drain.
  • To eliminate odors from the inner bladder, fill with fresh water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Let sit overnight and then drain and rinse with warm water.
  • To sanitize the inner bladder, fill with warm water and add two teaspoons of bleach. Let sit overnight and then drain and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • When not using the hydration system, remove the inner bladder and drain all remaining liquid. Leave large fill cap open and hang the bladder upside-down if possible to allow moisture to evaporate out.