Instructions: Cooler Mount & Dry Box Mount

NRS Frame Cooler Mount

NRS Cooler Mount Components:

  • (2) NRS Suspension Cooler Mounts w/straps (100° bend)
  • (2) Loop straps

NRS Drybox Mount Components:

  • (2) NRS Suspension Drybox Mounts
    (90° bend)
  • (2) Loop straps


  1. NRS Cooler Mounts & Drybox Mounts are pre-adjusted to fit most large coolers or dryboxes.
  2. Find the precise width adjustment of the bottom of your cooler or dry box by turning it upside down and laying the mounts on top.
  3. Adjust the straps so that the aluminum corners align with your cooler or dry box. You may need to work the straps through the brackets to get a good fit.
  4. While adjusting the straps, be sure that the buckle is as close to the aluminum plate as possible.
  5. When the width has been adjusted correctly, take the mounts off the bottom of the cooler or dry box.
  6. To secure the mounts to the frame, place the metal hooks over the rear crossbar of the assembled frame. For cat frames be sure to attach the adjustable strap portion to the yoke for balanced fit.
  7. Loop the strap tail over the opposite crossbar and insert the tail of the strap through the buckle and tighten at the desired angle.
  8. The base of the cooler mount is ready for the cooler or dry box.
  9. To secure the lid of the cooler or dry box, use the two loop straps.

Note: It is best to get the fit adjusted before you set out on your trip, and before you have your cooler or drybox filled.