Drysuit Repair and Care

Gasket Replacement

Over time latex gaskets will wear and you will need to replace them.  Using Aquaseal, Cure Accelerator, and a new gasket (sock, ankle, wrist, or neck) you can restore your drysuit to working condition. 

Detailed Instructions: Gasket Replacement

Latex Gasket Care:

Temperature: Avoid storing in extreme cold or hot temperatures. Keep away from heaters, a source of ozone.

Humidity: Moist storage conditions should be avoided.

Direct light or artificial UV Light: Articles should be protected from prolonged exposure to light, in particular direct sunlight and artificial light with a high UV content.

Metals: Avoid contact with copper and alloys containing copper.

Ozone: One of the worst places to store a drysuit/top with latex seals is in a car in hot weather, where high levels of ozone are locally created.

Take the time to rinse the gaskets with cold water after each use, and towel dry them. Care should also be taken in the application of sunscreens that can damage the seals. When using sunscreen, washing seals with cold water after use is very important.

Caution: New drysuit gaskets may not be comfortable initially but will stretch over time. We recommend stretching new gaskets, overnight or longer, around something slightly larger than the gasket opening. Trimming the gaskets is not recommended and may cause gasket failure.

Material Repair:

NRS can patch small holes and/or tears in drysuits or drytops.

Detailed Instructions: Repair Waterproof Fabric

Zipper Care

To increase the life of your drysuit zippers, use Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant and Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant Stick to clean and lubricate your zippers.  When storing your drysuit leave zippers (including relief zippers) open to prevent them from taking on a compression set.

Detailed Instructions: Zipper Care

Drysuit and Drytop Cleaning and Storage

It is important to fully rinse and air dry your dry wear after each use.  If you need to wash your gear with a cleaner, like ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner, hand wash only. Washing it in a washing machine may damage the waterproof membrane or coating and is NOT recommended.

UV Protection

After your washed drysuit is completely dry be sure to treat the gaskets with 303 Protectant. Occasionally lightly misting your dry wear with 303 protects the fabric from UV damage.