Inflatable Boat Cleaner Instructions

This cleaner is formulated specifically to clean Pennel Orca®, Hypalon®, Urethane, and PVC inflatable boats. It easily dissolves dirt, white oxidation, diesel smudges, oil, stains, and frame marks.

Materials Needed

  • Inflatable Boat Cleaner
  • Scrub Brush, Sponge or Dry Cloth
  • Latex Gloves


  • Work in a well ventilated area (garage or shady area works well)


  1. Wet surface with water before cleaning.
  2. Spray inflatable boat cleaner on inflatable and allow it to sit for up one minute.
    Note: Do not let stand on painted or varnished surfaces.
  3. Scrub the inflatable with a brush, sponge, or cloth.
  4. Rinse with water.

Note: Year round use of 303 Protectant is recommended between uses, and storage of your inflatable.