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How to Install an NRS Kayak Back Band

Installing the NRS Back Band in your kayak is easy. In this video, the experts at NRS give you step by step instructions for removing your old seat back or back band and installing your new back band. They also include handy tips to help the process go more smoothly.

Start by removing the old seat back or back band and any unneeded hardware. Next, you’ll need to determine what mounting options are available on your kayak. Some kayaks come with slots on the side of the seat for back-band support straps to go through. If your seat has those slots, take the straps with the strap-slide stop on the end and slide the webbing through the slots; the strap slide will keep the strap from pulling through and make a solid anchor point for the strap.

If your seat doesn’t have those slots, use the other set of straps with the grommeted ends for attaching to the seat bolts. To do this, remove the farthest back seat bolt on each side. Typically, this requires using a screwdriver and possibly a wrench. A trick that makes this less frustrating is to put a piece of tape on the backside of the wrench, to prevent the nut from dropping under the seat. Once the seat bolts are removed, slide the grommeted ends between the kayak coaming and the seat. Reinsert the bolts and tighten them securely.

Now install the straps on the back band, threading them through the back-band hardware. Next install the bungees for vertical support of the back band. If there are no mounting holes for the bungees on the kayak coaming you can add them, using either a Dremel tool or a drill. Be careful not to cut any other portion of the combing except the top fold. If you don’t feel comfortable drilling or cutting into the coaming, you can also use G/flex Epoxy Adhesive to glue webbing loops onto the coaming to accommodate the bungees.