Instructions: Oarlock Stainless Springs

Springs and Washers


  • 2 - Springs
  • 4 - Washers
  • 2 - Split Rings

These stainless steel washers and stainless steel springs are a good addition to your oar mounts and oarlocks. They keep the oarlocks firmly in place, eliminating up-and-down chatter in the oar mount.

They can also help eliminate the really irritating squeak you can get as the oarlock rotates in the mount. The newer forged aluminum NRS oar mounts have a nylon bushing insert that usually damps out the noise. However, if you have the earlier cast aluminum oar mounts you will almost certainly get metal-on-metal squeaking.

The stainless steel washers are a close fit over the 5/8" oarlock shaft. When you apply a layer of lubricating grease between the top and bottom washers their snug fit helps to keep the grease from washing out and grit washing in. For the longest durability use a heavy water-resistant grease, like wheel-bearing grease. Adding grease will also greatly cut down on wear on the oarlock shaft. And it can even help reduce wear on the nylon bushing in the newer forged oar mounts.


  1. Slip one washer over the oarlock shaft, and then, if using it, liberally apply waterproof grease to the shaft.
  2. Slip the oarlock shaft into the oarlock stand and add the second washer underneath.
  3. Extra washers can be used to tighten up the spring tension, if needed.
  4. Add the spring below the second washer. The spring is held in place with the split ring. Substituting a Lynch Pin Keeper for the split ring makes it easier to compress and secure the spring.